The yoga practice has been life changing for me and I would love to pass on this experience to you!

Throughout the years, I’ve practice under the guidance of some of the most knowledgeable teachers and have completed my teacher’s training with Bryce Yoga.

Practice with me in New Cairo and Maadi.

Vinyasa Flow

A strong, but gentle, practice characterised by synchronising breath and movement. This flow regularly employs ladder flows to build a rhythmic meditative practice.

Yin Fusion

Finding recurrent stillness within a flow to provoke release and receptivity. This class is based on fusing a vinyasa-based flow (yang) with slow deep releasing postures (yin) in which we hold each pose for 3-5 minutes.

Ladder Flow

A strong creative vinyasa flow sequence characterized by stacking poses one after the other, repeating and adding new poses with every new round until the entire sequence is built. The full practice is an immersive moving meditation that truly engages mind and body.

Privates & Events

I get a lot of questions on whether I teach privates or not.
Yes, I do! I also lead events; corporate and social.
However it always depends on the availability of slots and my ability to cater to your needs.
If you’re interested in privates or events, let’s talk!
I work with a variety of conditions including troubled breathing, back injuries, digestive issues and more through guided asana and pranayama.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch through the contact page or send me message on instagram.

Looking forward to seeing you on the mat,