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To eat

Be Good to you One of the best places in Cairo to eat, satisfying all the health nuts out there, vegan or not. Try their coconut funghi toast, avo toast and baked falafel salad. A big plus for being the only place in Egypt that serves matcha lattes.

Beano’s This is one of two places that offers things like golden mylk.. they also make their own almond milk and cashew milk! More? They have soy milk and make glorious cappuccinos using it. Wait, there’s more… their staff, especially at the Zamalek branch, are very cooperative and friendly. They usually customize my breakfast and lunch to give me what suits me the most.

Bread and butter My favorite sourdough bread loaves. I spread my avocados on it, toast them and eat them with soup or just munch on it fresh and plain as soon as I buy it.

Cake Cafe Vegan cakes and cookies to munch on after having the most delicious aubergine wraps? I love Cake!

Eatery Hands down the best vegan sushi in town. Not only that, but their menu has a variety of vegan options that are all delicious.

Elmarket A small grocery store that only stocks artisan products made in small batches. It’s a vegan heaven over there! They stock the entire line from The store of homemade, Kaju and more.

Egyptian Sprouting Co. Your go to supplier for sprouts and unrefined flours.

Glow A bundle of joy in a jar. Glow make smoothies and soups, with the freshest, healthiest ingredients on the market. Available at select groceries, pop-up markets and through home-delivery.

Gourmet Always well stocked with vegetables, fruit, Asian specialities and their own line of ready to eat vegan food. Gourmet is often regarded as a boutique grocery store but don’t mistake it for over the top expensive or inaccessible.

Holm The cosiest little place in Zamalek offering a variety of juices, smoothies and coconut milk coffee. They also offer healthy snacks and of course beautifully carved avocado on toast.

Kaju and Earthly Delights Plant-based burgers, pizzas, cheese and the best healthy chocolate truffles and refined sugar-free ice-cream.

Olivo By far the best pizza in Cairo. Other than the pizza, I would recommend you try the artichoke salad with truffle oil along with a pitcher of sangria.

Raw Republic Offers a variety of healthy smoothies and snacks.

Sara’s organic food Farm to fork organic produce picked the same day you eat it? Yes, please. Check out their weekly baskets or find them in select grocery stores and supermarkets.

Seasalt Bakery By stepping into Seasalt, you step into another world of clean eating. The entire bakery is gluten free with tons of delicious vegan options. Pain Perdu and Quinoa Yemista are my favorites there. I would also highly recommend you pick up their bread loaves and try using this for this french toast recipe.

The Store of Homemade They offer the biggest variety of healthy vegan cheese in Egypt as well as a variety of nut butters and pickles. Their red cabbage sauerkraut is to die for. They also package all their products in glass jars!

Zooba Clean koshari, ful and taamiyya, complimented with warm baladi bread fresh out of the oven! They even have vegan (seyami) fetir in select branches! The lentil soup put them on my speed dial for the winter.

To shop

Bioshop With branches both in Zamalek and Maadi, Bioshop stocks a variety of local, natural brands including food items, fresh produce, cosmetics and more.

BinduByOhoud Your one stop shop for all things yoga. Bindu is slowly building an empire of mindfulness. May we all gradually move to their realm.

Black Lotus Natural handmade cosmetics that are mostly packaged in glass!

The Doodle Factory Empowering vulnerable children through selling products branded with their own art work! “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a Day. teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” Talk about a sustainable initiative!

Menn baladha Locally designed, sourced and produced everyday kitchenware. Their products make the best gifts!

Pheel Contemporary handmade things. Another great place to shop for gifts!

Reform Studio Offering eco-friendly, handmade products with a great story!

Up-fuse Up-cycling hundreds of plastic bags into hip (and sturdy!) bags of all shapes and sizes.

Zamalek Market A Saturday farmer’s and artisan’s market with a variety of produce and handmade and products. This is usually where you can find a lot of the brands listed on this page and this is where you’ll typically find me on a Saturday.

Farmers’ markets Saturday and Tuesday mornings at Nun Center  in Zamalek and Friday mornings at Osana Wellness in Maadi.


Travel & More

Basata Ecolodge Basata means simplicity and the name perfectly embodies the place. Basata is located in Southern Sinai in Neweiba/ Ras Shitan. It feels more like a community than a “camp” and you can’t really differentiate the staff from the guest, which really makes you feel at home. Bonus: you cook most of your meals.

Habiba Organic Farm A community of farms, a beach lodge and a learning center in Neweiba. Habiba is the kind of place you visit and instantly feel like it was built with love and based on good ethics.

Wild Guanabana Dedicated to creating authentic and ethical travel experiences. Wild Guanabana is a place where a lot of mountaineers start their journey but there’s everything for everyone, from hiking within Cairo to summiting the world’s highest mountains. My favorite bit: carbon offsetting your trips!

Zowara Ecolodge This place is everything you need for a quick escape from Cairo. It’s usually extremely quiet and extremely safe. I sleep outside under the stars and I walk to the nearby salt lakes or sand dunes to soak up the sun and for a long meditations. Make sure to say hi to Amir/Amira, the beautiful dog named by me and after me! Pro tip: avoid the weekends.


Pay it Forward

Egypt Equine Aid A dream come true. In a country where working animals are worked to death, starved and abused; EEA are definitely a beacon of hope in the midst of darkness. Working animals are treated for free while owners are educated about their care. Paypal donations:

Hope A network of rescuers, sponsors and medical resources aiming to help save and rehabilitate Egyptian stray animals. Paypal donations:


Nourishing traditions Egypt and Real foods and nourishing traditions Egypt The most resourceful group and website telling you where to find every health related thing you need in Cairo.

This page will forever be a work in progress because amazing people are coming up with new ideas everyday in Cairo. So, if I missed a listing please feel free to contact me here with “resource page” in the subject.