Frequently Asked Questions

UrbanEarthlings Products

-Where can we find you other than online?

At the moment, our full collection is only available on our website and some of our products are available in Osana Family Wellness in Maadi


-Can I put the straws in the dishwasher?



-Does the color of the straw fade?

We’ve only tested them for 7 years, as if that’s a short period! Good news: they don’t fade! Rest assured your straws will last a lifetime! They do get scratched though but it takes a very determined sharp edge to scratch them!


-How long are your straws?

All straight straws are X cm long. The bent straw is X cm long.


-I am planning on buying a cleaning brush, how do I know the size I need?

For the slim straws; either straight or bent, we recommend the slim brush.

For the smoothie straw and the extra wide smoothie straw, we recommend the wide brush.

The wide brush fits ALL straws. If you would like to purchase only one, we would recommend the wide one.  


-How long does the toothbrush last for?

Like a regular toothbrush; 2-4 months or when your bristles start showing signs of wear and tear. We also recommend changing your toothbrush after any kind of illness or even a common cold. A toothbrush can be a great breeding ground for bacteria or viruses for days due to their moist nature. This applies to all toothbrushes, not just ours or bamboo toothbrushes.


-What are the bristles made of?

Our bristles are made of a combination of castor oil and synthetic oil. We are aware that this isn’t ideal but this is the most technology has given us so far and so this is the best material we can offer. As soon as a healthier more sustainable material is available, we will be sure to only stock the best!


-Is the toothbrush fully compostable?

The handle is 100% but the bristles are not yet compostable, unfortunately.

How do I dispose of my used toothbrush?


-Why don’t you stock toothbrushes with hard bristles?

When we started this business, we consulted 5 different dentists on which bristles are healthiest. Their recommendation was soft and medium as hard bristles can be quite abrasive for gums.


-Can you please start making X?

We would love to be your one-stop-shop for all your zero-waste supplies but the realities of business are a bit different. We need time to test products and we need money to pay for big stocks. However, we’re always working on new products and if not actually producing them, we’re still always testing or even just making lists and plans.

Every zero-waste product you can imagine is on our list but we always love to hear from you about what you truly need to assist you on lowering your waste. Please let us know what products you’d love us to stock here.


-Where can we find you other than online?

At the moment, our full collection is only available on our website and some of our products are available in Osana Family Wellness in Maadi



-For how long can I use my cup?

Up to 10 years if you take good care of it!


-How do I know my size?

Here are some general guidelines:

If you’re a young teen, choose the mini.

If you’ve given birth virginally, choose B.

If you have not given birth virginally, choose A.

If you’re quite tall (and by tall, we mean TALL and with wider bone structure), a B might suit you better.

We would highly recommend you visit organicup’s official size guide for more details or email us on

Please, note that menstrual cups cannot be returned or exchanged. Therefore, we suggest you do your research before you make a purchase. The advice we offer regarding sizing is only a general guideline and we will not take responsibility for wrong sizing.


-How do I clean my cup?

During your bleed, simply rinse your cup with water when you empty the cup and before reinsertion. Always check that the four little holes on the sides are not blocked. It’s not necessary to use soap to clean your cup, but if you prefer using soap, it’s important to use a perfume free and pH-balanced soap such as the liquid castile soap. This kind of soap is available for purchase through most natural cosmetics brands in Egypt.We also recommend that you sterilize your OrganiCup after your period by boiling the OrganiCup in a pot of water for 3-5 minutes. Make sure to keep an eye on the pot so the water doesn’t vaporize, or the cup falls to the bottom and burns. 


-Will using the cup make me lose my virginity?

This completely depends on how you define virginity.

Here are some resources that would help you decide:

The Virginity Fraud Ted Talk

Mother Being 


For more FAQs on the menstrual cup, please visit Organicup’s official support page.



We have a page dedicated to every single delivery-related inquiry you might have.

Please check it out here.


-Can you please send me package plastic-free?

Really guys? Us? We do not use any plastic in our packaging. Ever!

If you receive your package wrapped in plastic, please take a photo and send it to us right away so we can get in touch with our shipping partner and make sure this never happens again!


Business inquiries

-Do you offer wholesale prices?

Of course, we do! We do have minimum quantities though, depending on the product.

For business inquiries, email


-Can you customize a product for my company?

We can easily customize tote bags; however, toothbrushes and straws are only customizable during the manufacturing season for us.

For business inquiries, email


-We would love to interview/feature you on our magazine, blog, TV program!

We would love to be interviewed and featured. Please email us on and we’ll get back to you within 2 working days.


-We would love to stock your products in our shop!

While we do not want to spread our stock over many many locations within the same neighborhoods, we would love to chat, maybe your area is new to us! Please email us on to discuss it further.