Welcome to UrbanEarthlings! I’m Amira, the 20 something year old behind this blog and recent online shop. In 2015 my life was completely changed when I decided to put aside everything I knew and ventured into the world of living compassionately with more conscious decisions regarding the way I eat, dress and commute. Little did I know this would change my relationships and the way I see the world.

I started UrbanEarthlings in an attempt to build a community that inspires ethical living. I will be sharing my experience with the plant-based diet, minimalism, conscious travel and more!

On April 2nd of 2019, UrbanEarthlings shop launched to bring the Egyptian consumer closer to more sustainable products.

Our Commitments

Almost 30% of our proceeds go to 4 causes we believe in:

  • Supporting shelters and animal rescues
  • Reforestation projects and carbon offsetting
  • Research and development so we can source even more sustainable local materials. This will help reduce our carbon footprint and contribute positively to our local community
  • Building the UrbanEarthlings fund to offer scholarship opportunities for students of sustainable development