An Ode To Passionfruit

It was the year 2010, my grandpa, my sister and I were sitting at sidewalk cafe in Singapore and I spotted the words passion and fruit on the menu. I am certain that we like food upon tasting or smelling it but that day, it was love from the first sight, the sight of the passionfruit on the smoothies menu. I had never tried passionfruit before but since then, it has held a special place in my heart. Or shall I say, gut?

Okay, my love song is over and now I’ll share with you how I eat/drink my passionfruit.

Mango X Passionfruit

For every mango, I add 1-2 passionfruit. To make a smoothie, I add mango and passionfruit to one cup of filtered water and blend. For a smoothie bowl, I half the water.

Top tip: add chia seeds for an extra nutritional boost.

Watermelon X Passionfruit

For every quarter of large watermelon, I add 2-3 passionfruit. I usually deseed my watermelon, blend it with one or two passionfruit, pour into a glass and then top with one passionfruit.

Where do I get passionfruit, you ask? Sunny and Seoudi supermarkets have imported passionfruit but recently Gourmet started stocking a local variety.

There you have it, I embraced the minimalist in me and avoided an unnecessary serenade for a fruit.

Lots of love,